• Question: Is it possible for a tuna fish to outswim a tiger shark?

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      Asked by 229canf22 to Daniela ?, ☣ Danna, Jonny on 23 Jun 2016.
      • Photo: Jonathan Hunter

        Jonathan Hunter answered on 23 Jun 2016:

        According to the Internet, a tiger shark’s top speed is 19.9 mph where as a tuna is up to 47 mph. Also tiger sharks live near the coast where as tuna are more commonly found in deeper waters.

        So I guess if a tuna ever met a tiger shark it could easily out swim it!

      • Photo: Daniela Lobo

        Daniela Lobo answered on 24 Jun 2016:

        I found a similar answer to Jonny, so I guess I would put my money on the tuna.